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Go Daddy Go!!!

As a blogger I need to have my own domain name. A lot of advices that if you are serious about blogging, you need to own it personally. Acquiring my own domain name is my first move. I wasted a lot of opportunity of having no personal domain.

There are lot of advantages of having your own domain like the pride of having your own blog or website. The trademark is really yours and you can change a lot of features in your blog with no ads around.

Second is the hosting of your entry should be yours because in the long run you don't know what will happen to the blog site where your entries are stored.

I purchased the domain in GoDaddy through keep cash and I got a big discount there. The site is easy to navigate and they update it always. GoDaddy is the best for domain registration.

The online shopping coupons will save you a lot of money using their coupons and the good news is they have more than 1000 brands and company with different product to choose to. So you will really save a lot of money using their coupons. This another tip of how to save money whether you shop online or offline.

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