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How to evaluate your employee?

Many companies and medium enterprises overlook some of the best employee in their company. I have something to share to you. It happened in the company where I used to work. My boss is not always around so he rely on his two employees as the source of information in our company or shall we say establishment.

So one day my boss was very angry and warn us of termination because of the report that was generated by the dogs that he has in our establishment while he was away. It generates trouble and misunderstanding as a result lot of his good and competent employees left. Lesson we get here is you should not trust to few or one or two persons only. As a manager you must know that you have a lot of employees and there comes a time that the dogs that you have might have some jealousy to the others so they gave false information.

Be wise and make a cross examinations about the report. If you trust only two persons then it means you are not a competent manager too. Imagine your legs are pulled by two insecure crooked. Be wise too, that is why you are the manager.

Right now there are many ways to evaluate your employees that will give you more knowledge about them by many people. It is called 360 degree feedback and it is very reliable and more accurate.

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