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Medical Equipment too

Computer has gone a long, long way from typewriter to document files in the drawers and closet. Computer has really change the world dramatically. If you have a computer of course you need a printer to print your documents but how about the copier machine? Is there a new technology which replaces it? Of course there is, it is called a scanner. Scanner has also revolved to its new status in copying technology.

Scanner like medical card scanner is a modern technology breakthrough. You can just insert the card and you can print it automatically and the image can be store in your PC or LAN. You can also publish it via FTP and can be sent via emails.

This can make you produce a lot of works and error free too. Can improve customer service and less paper work. Medicscan as it is called will not need external power supply because it is a USB. All you have to do is insert it in the terminal and you can start scanning.

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