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My teacher's Pet

When I was in college my teacher used to bring her favorite cat Molly to our school and all of us were very happy because the cat was so adorable and cute. She told us that the cat was worth $200.00 when she bought it as a kitten. So the cat was really attached to her that Molly eat too when my teacher was taking her lunch.

I asked her what soap did she use to maintain Molly's beautiful silky hair. I told her that I have a native cat too in our house but the problem was it has a lot of fleas that my mother told me not to play with our cats and dogs. My teacher said that she buys soap that kills cat flea and it is very effective. It is also not dangerous to the pet.

Right now I still missed Molly so much that I promised to myself that I will take care of any stray cat in our neighborhood.

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