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Population Control

Philippines is one of the most populous country in the world. Being the only predominant Catholic country in Asia. Church always disagree in terms of family planning, saying that it is a sin to plan your family using artificial method of control. I am a Catholic but I disagree with this baseless idea.

I think it is every ones duty to make our nation great by planning our family which is the smallest unit of society. There are lot of contraceptives but the problem is, majority of our people can't afford to buy. Aside from that they don't have access to those birth control. Rhythm method is not 100% perfect. Using condom like crown condoms and other condoms can help birth control and aside from that transmittal diseases can be avoided like AIDS, HIV and herpes.

Having a small family can make your life easier and you can provide clothes, education and shelter to your children which I think God will be please to see.

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Buddy dela Cruz said...

I agree with you... siguro mas kasalanan sa Diyos yung hindi mo mapakain ng maayos yung magiging mga anak mo at gagawa ka ng hindi maganda para lang may maipakain ka sa mga ito yun ang higit na kasalanan... Hindi katuwiran yung mag nanakaw ka dahil wala kang maipakain sa iyong pamilya...


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