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What are the benefits of Banaba?

benefits of Banaba
Health benefits of Banaba
Banaba or scientific name of Lagerstroemia Speciosa abundant in Southeast Asia and Philippines.
Banaba is well known tree in the Philippines and known to cure UTI or urinary track infection. Medicine on the drug store is very expensive so drinking 8 glasses of boiled water with Banaba leaves is advisable but you have to smell and taste the bitterness of it.
Here is the process on how to make a drink:
  • Pick 10 leaves of Banaba, the matured leaves is better.
  • Put ten glasses of water in the kettle and boil it.
  • Clean the leaves and put it inside the kettle and come to boil and until the water decrease to 8 glasses approximately.
  • Cool it and remove the leaves and start drinking the water.
  • You can still use the leaves for next boiling process.
Other benefits of banaba is it will lower blood sugar, weight loss and etc.

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