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Back stabbing is killing your management

My boss was talking to me last week. It was the longest conversation we had for a long time. I never talk too much because I don't want to be branded as a dog. Actually he said that he was just observing me for a long time from afar.

Many things were happening in our company lately that it could have been remedied if it was handled by a professional personnel manager. Things went wrong unexpectedly.

We talk about the future of the company which is doing a new task that was never done before like project installation. The company used to be a maintenance company doing daily jobs for the military. Maybe some of the reasons for resignations are that they lack the information and never conveyed it well to the majority. Our contract said that we have to do the maintenance not the installation which is not mostly related to our job.

My boss told me that he does not trust my other buddy who is also and engineer and I should also deserve the credit. I said that he is good. My boss sings another tune. In my mind I know my capability and I am not insecure about these nonsense credits. I could not just imagine that he would say such thing to me. He was so hypocrite.

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