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Benefits of eating Sweet Potato or Camote

Sweet potato
Sweet Potato or scientific of (pomoea batatas) is also called a yam in USA but not really the true Yams. There is a confusion of this. Anyway Camote or sweet potato is propagated using the vine or stem as it is like a vines root crop. Camote grows in tropical area like Philippines, China, Africa and USA. It is used as food and vegetables. New leaves or shoot is used as vegetable as it is green leafy vegetable and good for diet and a source of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6. It is also high in fiver and has iron and calcium to name a few.
The roots is boiled, fried or baked. It is interesting to note that sweet potato is good for diabetic person. It will help maintain the sugar level in your body and will lower insulin resistance.

Other benefits of Camote is used to substitute as a starch. You can make them into a candy, bake them like a cake, cook the leaves as viand or make a pie out of the root.
You can make a chips also out of the root.

Eating green leaves is very beneficial to our health and can be used to subtstitute with Kangkong or water spinach.

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