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Big, Fat, Liar

There are lot of people who said that they are on diet. But still they are fat or obese. Why? This a sure answer to that question, they don't do their diet course seriously. They lie to themselves about diet. They diet and yet during the night they secretly opened their refrigerator for cakes and other unhealthy foods. If you are serious about shedding weight, you should not cheat yourself. Cheating yourself is the worst you could to in this world.

Here are simple way to avoid those craving:

1.0 Don't buy foods that you will be temped to eat like chocolates, cakes and cookies. Buy only fruits and vegetables and put it in your refrigerator.

2.0 Drink a lot of water to feel full inside.

3.0 Eat Grape fruits, it lessen your desire to crave for food.

4.0 Stay with positive and determine friends.

5.0 Keep yourself busy.

6.0 Don't eat in a buffet setting, you will end up eating all those oily foods and sweet cakes.

7.0 Don't be discouraged if you have a yo-yo weight. Almost everyone experience it before they attained their goals.

My final word is not to cheat yourself, after all you already doing your diet so be serious about it and celebrate if lost or shed a little weight.

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