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Body Odor | How to remove it?

Body odor is one of the most shameful odors that you could have. Actually all people are prone to body odor. Poverty stage or adolescent period is the time when you start developing a body odor. Most teenagers and adults don’t realize that they have smell. It is because you are immune to what you smell. It is normal to sweat and in fact good to your health.

body odor

Here are the causes of body odors:

1.0 Poor hygiene like not taking a bath everyday.
2.0 Cause by using other person’s clothes that has body odor. Don’t borrow others clothes especially under wears.
3.0 Poverty stage is normally can make you smell bad. This is normal, so just take a bath and use under arm deodorant.
4.0 Eating too much spicy foods like garlic, union and etc.
5.0 You have internal problem like disease which you are not aware. Drink herbals juice like Aloe Vera to detoxify your internal system.
6.0 Not eating regularly like you are in diet.
7.0 Not washing your clothes and not dried directly in the sun can make it smell bad due to algae and fungi.

How to remedy body odors:

1.0 Used deodorant soap like safeguard, binder, Dr. Wong Medicinal Soap and etc.
2.0 Eat regularly.
3.0 Avoid spicy.
4.0 Drink a lot of water to clean your system.
5.0 Take herbal juice like Aloe Vera to detoxify your internal organs.
6.0 Don’t wear others clothes, you’ll never know they might have body odor.
7.0 Use under arm deodorant.
8.0 Take a bath everyday.
9.0 If still you have a bad odor, consult your doctor.

These are the ways to permanently remove body odor

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