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The color of money

Five years ago I subscribed to a cable TV in our locality and it happened that the cable guy was my classmate, back in high school years. Actually we were close friend in high school but I could not believe he will put himself in shame when he asked for money when he did the installation. I mean he could have said that he needs money and if I have money I will give him tips, that's no problem with me. He asked for an amount as service charge where in fact I knew the owner of the Cable TV and the owner said that the installation is free.

Well time flies where everyone changed. He learned to cheat and the sad thing is I was his victim. I am not talking here about how much he got from me, but the friendship. If he could have just said it in a right way. He lost what more than he could get. I pitied him.

I valued honesty so much to the point that when you lied to me, everything is through. Until now I have a grudge or something to that effect but I am trying to control and forget about it. I don't want to waste my time worrying to things that will not improve my livelihood so to speak. Aside from that I want to live healthy and rich so why worry to things that I did not commit right?

There are times when we need to learn the value of what we learn from school, especially if you were brought up in a religious school. Where is the moral there? Serving in a church as priest helper as sacristan.

The only thing that does not change in this world is change itself.

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