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Car Spare Part Business

Two business which I recommend is selling hardware products or car spare parts. Selling these kind of products is good and there is nothing to lose. Car spare parts and hardware is not like food where it get spoiled when it is not sold after a day or two. My friend who sell car spare part said that he earned a decent good income and he develop a lot of recurring customers selling spare parts like radiator, spark plug, oils and grease and some gadget like side mirror, banners and stickers.

Ordering direct from the supplier which he did, saved him a lot of money. This way, there is no middle man so the spare part is cheaper. Also the supplier which cater for Honda, who owns Civic model is also supplying Civic Radiator and other spare parts. The supplier also knew the local mechanics so if you are not a mechanic then ask them to have one for you to fix your car.

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