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Eat fruits and vegetables everyday

I went shopping yesterday and I bought groceries and fish too. I followed a lot of advices on what food to eat, so I revised my list and came up with vegetables and fruits. I know that fruits here are very expensive but I need them. Good thing there was a sale like buy one take one yesterday so I bought four cans of mixed fruits.

I just eat fruits every other day because sometimes they are really expensive especially if it is not their season. Fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive but I prefer to have them because they have no preservatives.

Today grapes are cheap than the Kiwi which are imported from New Zealand, while bananas are from Philippines and Ecuador. Pineapples and Avocados are always here but you need to ripe them because they are raw.

Vegetables are also important because they are high in fiber and rich in nutrients which are needed to our body. They can also detox uric acid from our body which is the cause of diseases.
Avocado is one of my favorite fruits because it is very nutritious and can make you feel full easily.

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