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Fly high and save money

I never used any card before, I mean credit card but I want to use it now. But I prefer to use airline credit cards, why? Because I found it more advantageous than any other cards, I am a constant flyer so I need to avail any airline could offer like mileage and other privileges. It can save you money and discounts to hotel accommodation.

Many Airlines now are competing by offering different privileges for their customers. One of them is mileage which they give depending on how long is your destination. You can redeem them for electronics like tv, PSP, cellphone, camera, laptop. You can also redeem it for hotel and resort accommodation or eat in a well known class restaurant what ever you prefer. Another offer also is you can convert it for airline ticket in your own choice.

I have already mileage from a certain airline as I always fly with them. I like their foods and serving but the set is so tight.

Right now I will get credit card for mileage and I am sure the bank will add more features and will add mileage by using the card itself, like if you buy something to their affiliate store or service center.

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