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Forever Young

Many of us wanted to know what is the secret of staying young. Many of us is fascinated by the myth called "fountain of youth". Many are searching for it, like in the movie "Indiana Jones". But is there really a way to stay young forever?

Scientist are looking for the answer and lately there was a conference by some of the experts in health that study anti-aging formula.

Here are some of the basic and summarized ways to stay young:

1.0 Take a brisk walk everyday at least 30 minutes.

2.0 Keep your waist line trim like what you have in your high school days. Of course if you are healthy during that time. Skip a meals everyday. No need for a calorie counter.

3.0 Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in fiber and less calories. No fats and less in carbohydrates.

4.0 Get enough sleep. The regular sleep is seven to eight hours a night.

5.0 Manage your stress by avoiding over fatigue. Stress can make you old faster.

6.0 Be positive in life. Don't worry too much which you have no control like calamities and economy. Take it easy.

7.0 Exercise at least thrice a week for mascle toning.


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E Akino said...

It's good to think to be forever young...but you need to live forever to do that...lol.


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