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He fired our boss!

My buddy in my section makes an emergency leave last month and said that he will help his wife who is on the way to deliver his first child. We did a project for the pass two months and to be honest I, myself was very also very exhausted and tired working almost around the clock. We did not get any overtime because the management said that we lacked two hours in our daily attendance everyday for the pass two years. Indeed I am convinced about it but my point is they implement the schedule and not us, so it is not our fault.

He never came back!

The management was ignoring our complains and it comes to the point where our boss broke his promise. I think this is one of the reasons why a lot of employees lost their moral. I must admit that it was my buddy who did a lot of works. My fault maybe was that I was not focus on my job.

One of the best advices I ever heard was that don’t work with a boss who could not keep his promise.

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