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How to ask for salary raise?

If you are working in a company but afraid to ask for salary increase then do the following to help raise your salary:

1.0 Ask for a salary increase to your boss but you must do a research first on how much you job's worth like asking other company or an agency that hires job like yours, on how much the present salary for such job. Be ready for any questions from your boss and ask him in a nice way.

2.0 If you don't have time studying in a nearby school, pursue an online degree or certificate. There are thousands of professionals taking another course or taking Master Degree to improve their craft and qualification for their company. If you want to earn more money, study again via Internet and take an online graduate degree. The advantage in online study is you can control your pace of study according to your convenience. Refining your skills and profession will lead to fat check in the future.

3.0 Have a lot of friends, they can help you boost your moral so to speak. They can help you find a suitable job that will help you increase or find your dream employment.

4.0 Be confident during the conversation to your boss and state to him what are the best three things that you can do that will let your boss increase your salary like what have you contributed to the company.

5.0 If nothing happens it's either to stay or move and find another opportunity.

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