I randomly write any topic about health here which I find interesting and informative. Wealth topic is also published here so that you will get some ideas on how to earn money too. Health and Money Awareness are my objectives in writing in this blog.

I am late today

I have a headache this morning. I slept very late because I was blogging the whole day yesterday. I have to submit 10 entries in a day plus the two filler for each entry so it will take me up to 30 entries to do it in two days. The problem also is that I have a hard time with my dsl connection that I think is somewhat dial up in performance.

I was not able to take a bath this morning that makes me feel hot and uncomfortable. Good it I am not feeling hot as in fever. This my second time not to take a bath for the pass two years here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Filipinos are known to be cleaned and always take a bath everyday at least once.

Hygiene is very important to us and by taking bath everyday you will feel and look good.

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