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No time to exercise? Try this!

I know a lot people who always said that they don’t have time to exercise. All of us are pretending that we are busy.

Here are ways to exercise in your daily life:

1.0 Walk instead of riding automobile if your office is walking distance
2.0 Do not use elevator, walk using the steeps.
3.0 If you are inside the office try to move back and forth so as to burn calories in your body.
4.0 Talk as much as possible. If you have no topic, look for topic of the day like sports and politics.
5.0 Do your house chore like scrubbing the floor, washing the dishes and clothes.
6.0 Do gardening, it burns calories fast.
7.0 Do the groceries yourself and walk if it is near to your house.
8.0 Chew your food many times before you swallow it.
9.0 Lastly, just keep on moving and make yourself busy but not in foods.

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