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I saw the sign

When I was driving along the highway for a road trip using a motorcycle in our city suburban I saw a big banner posted on top of the hills and it says that whoever is interested in having a beautiful house near the overlooking sea should contact Miss Ligaya Cruz with the fol owing number and so an so.

Actually I am not interested in the details of the ad but what caught my attention is the banner itself. Because it was very beautiful and I like the color combination. I had work in an advertising before and I could not imagine how creatively done this banner. Whoever did it I am sure he is so creative and have a knack in business too.

Yard Signs are known for creativity and cost wise. Very affordable. I learned this when I call the advertiser s and ask where she got it. She said that was done very fast and you could even choose the size and different campaign, depending on your ads whether it is real estate or ads for political campaign. They have them all. Any sign you want, just say what your campaign is and your are done. The result is a state of art ads.

So if your ads is for business and real estate be sure to find the right sign maker to get better results.

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