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I will be home for vacation

I file my vacation leave this morning. It will take effect next month, so I have a long preparation for my two months vacation in the Philippines. At the same time my friends from Canada will arrive on the third week of September. They will go home to baptize their twin in the Philippines and I was asked to become a godfather to one of their twins.

Early this year they were supposed to invite me for a short vacation in Canada but I was not able to go due to some personal problem. I was ready for the booking and my money for the trip is ready. At this time I will not let that happen again. Never! I prepared for this vacation for a long time and beside I have a lot of commitments in the Philippines. This is not a vacation but a work too. I mean I could mix work and recreation at the same time.

Right now I browse in the Internet for the ticket and Hotel Reservations. Of course I will surely choose a hotel that has it all. If you want to enjoy your vacation then choose hotel reservations which offer all the services like taxi cab and hotel booking. Many tourist agencies which do not give a complete package like ride, beach and no gulf course. An agency should be complete and gives a lot of discount especially if you’re a recurring customer.

My friend who will come from Canada will surely book at Hotel Reservations. He is a picky person and wants the best that a hotel reservation can offer. He knows a lot about it because he is a frequent traveler. He will come with his wife and kids this September and maybe his relatives too. They always stay in hotel and he always chooses Hotel Reservation for his booking. He even told me that he get discount for patronizing the agency. He always used his credit card to order online.

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