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Importance of PBX

I worked in a Military Base before as a Telecoms Technician and I maintained a PBX which was new during that time. Working in a Telecoms field is fulfilling and rewarding. You can call anywhere in the country using the system free because it has special trunk and for military men, especially the officials. Basically the PBX has migrated to digital technology from purely electronics of 70's.

In the 80' it became digital which controls is manipulated by computer or personal computer using a software and some commands on it. Needless to say the PBX technology or telephone technology has gone a long way from step by step circuit to cross bar and later in pure electronic circuit to digital and now advance digital using Internet technology which is called VoIP which stand for Voice over IP Technology. IP is Internet protocol.

hosted PBX small business VoIP phone systems is one of the sample of this technology which is simple to use and cheap for long distance call as it bypass telephone service or toll. VoIP used Internet technology for communication. So when you call to other place it will be considered as local so there is no extra charge. Another advantage is it will lessen maintenance for the call plus other data services. Switching your old telephone system to VoIP technology will give you an edge over your competitors.

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Pabx said...

Excellent post and wonderful blog, I really like this type of interesting articles keep it up.

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