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Is drinking coffee benficial to our health?

I heard a lot about coffee. They said that it bad to our health because of the caffeine but don't you know that it is also beneficial to our health. Drinking coffee moderately will make you active because of the caffeine itself. Everything is safe if you eat or drink them in moderate quantity. Even Foods, when you indulge yourself too much, you end up obese.

Coffee can make your mind active. I saw a lot of people in stress, the solution is drinking coffee and they start to think creatively. According to study, two cups of coffee is all it takes to overcome fatigue. It is also an antioxidant to improve your body metabolism.

Drinking coffee is also a social lifestyle. Most educated people drink coffee. I will rather drink coffee than smoke which there is no benefits but disease. Coffee according webmd article is high in fiber which is needed to our body.

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