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When I was a teenager I read that self gratification or self pleasure is a sin. As a student in a private school run by Catholic Church, we were taught indirectly that doing such act is bad. There are many answers to this. Like for example which is more sinful masturbating or raping somebody? I think it depends on how you view it.

This site which where the topic is about semen, whether it is okay to masturbate or not. Many books and even in the bible said that doing it is not good and sinful. The site gives information why masturbation is not good and consider as a sin. It even has a poll on what the owner name to be purchased as domain name should.

The site has also a forum where you could ask a question regarding the topic and how to stop it.

The www.semenloss.com will give you some ideas why it is bad to masturbate and what are the side effects of doing it too much. I think what the website is trying to tell is you have to balance everything. It says that if you do it to much, then there is a side effect like being tired and pain in the lower back and you lost confidence.

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E Akino said...

anything excess is bad...even doing it! :-) i already added you to my blogroll kabayan!

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