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My Casio Watch

My first watch was a Casio watch with calculator. Back then in 80's when I was in High School and College since I could not afford to buy a scientific calculator, I bought a watch Casio because they are elegant and they pioneer the digital watch. Another thing is they are water proof of up to 100 meters. I love Casio brand. I even bought a calculator later on.

My classmate prefer Timex because he said that he was working there in Timex factory in Cebu City, Philippines. He is now in Canada but when he returned to the Philippines he will always visit the factory and look for special offer from them.

Casio G-Shock Watches are now hot because when some of the Americans visited here, I saw that they wore G-Shock watches. I asked if those watches were issued by their company and they chorus "no".

Seiko is also very durable and I would recommend it, my friend's Seiko is ten years old and still clocking.

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griffin said...

yeah I got the faux gold plated casio watch with the indiglo light so you can see the time at night. came with a stop watch as well. hahah. i was told once that you get that watch once you retire from radio shack after 20 years of employment ;-)

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