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My classmates is on diet

Yesterday my friend called me up and asked me about the post that I have about diet. I said that I am very busy lately because I have projects which need some extra attention. I saw her picture and I was surprised how chubby she is. As a mother of two and staying in the house, it is really very hard to maintain a slim and tone body. You will be tempted to see what is inside the refrigerator plus the buffet in every gathering occasion with friends and relatives.

I said that she needs self discipline to shed some extra weight. She must also reduce fats, sugars, oil and should eat low in carbohydrates foods. She should switch to low caloric foods. There are foods out there that low in calorie and some of them will even increase your metabolism. Exercise also can speed up the process. I never advice any one to use pills which I think is not natural. I am sure a lot of you knew that some cause of death lately by some popular celebrities is due to drugs related diet.

I will email her my topic about diet to let her aware of what to eat and what to do.

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