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My secret garden

Last summer I went to my auntie's house with a basket of flowers. They are roses, orchids and Chrysanthemums. I also brought a bonsai tree. It has been 10 years since I visited my auntie and she was surprised and delighted to see those beautiful and elegant flowers.

Actually she knew that my late mother was very much on flowers and gardening. She even got some seedling and seeds for planting.

The most challenging to care is Bonsai. It needs extra care and you must have patience to water and cut its branches every now and then.

She asked me if these flowers are from my mothers garden, I said no. They are from my secret garden online.

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Buddy dela Cruz said...

Good choice of plants to taking care off... I love bonsai plants, actually nag alaga rin ako nyan ako mismo yung kumuha at nag transfe sa paso when I was in the Phils... pero sabi ng mother ko okey parin daw inaalagaan nya...
Sana pag nag bakasyun ako buhay pa yun hehehee...


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