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Never sign a document which you don't understand

Yesterday we had a snap meeting. Honestly for the past two months we did not have a meeting due to our hectic schedules and a lot of things need to be done first.

I hate meetings with none sense discussion because, it ends up always on criticism and you walk out from the office angry.

So one of our technicians signed a paper that indicates there that he will take charge of the whole stockroom which cost million of dollars. He was deceived by someone who went on vacation that he is only a temporary in charge and that when a black man will arrive from vacation, he will turn over the responsibility. The black man refused to accept the responsibility, stating that he is no longer a part of that section.

In the first place, the stockroom is an engineer's responsibility. Joseph is only a technician. In my own opinion, Joseph can blame no one but himself. He accepted it even there was no 100% inventory before the other guy left. Only 10% was inventoried. Lesson here is you can't trust anybody these days. Even if he or she is your best friend, make a complete process of inventory and it should be black and white. Words of mouth is a big no in business deal or even in any field.

Read and understand the terms before signing a contract. If you don't fully understand, ask someone to help you.
I write this here in my blog because I believe that this is worth reading too.

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