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The Ring

No this is not the movie. I am talking about that belly button ring which are used by some people to decorate their belly hehehehe. I don't know but I was really thinking why someone would put such thing in their belly. Do you think it is safe and healthy?

Lately I happened to search it in the net and I found out that it is an extra ordinary metal which is approved by health officials as safe. I don't use one but I am worried to some of my friends who put it in their belly. The good thing is it is pure steel and as of now they placed stones or any decoration by embedding the stone in it, not like before which they just stuck on it and paste it, which is not solid. It more of an art than just under the skin.

It is now one of the must buzzed items in town. Belly button rings is a piercing done by some of the artist. It is like tattoo also; an art form.

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