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Maybe you will call me naive but I must confess that I don't enjoy my childhood. I live in the small town with no exposure to the world. I don't even have the time to play. I worked all day to make a living like farming and attending our poultry and cows. Cooking in the morning is my responsibility before going to school.

When I was in college I just realized that I missed a lot of happening but I have no regrets. Maybe this is my road to prosperity, to be aware as early as possible that life is not easy and simple. I said to myself that in the future when I will have my own family, I make it sure that I will be a good provider.

My high school friend who was been there in USA for a long time suggested that I should visit Disney land and she said it is an unforgettable experience she will never forget. Discount Disney Tickets provides online tickets by buying online. The advantage is it is cheaper and discounted. All of the fun rides are listed in the website so you can choose which one is the best. Or better order all those tickets and have fun.

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OFW LIFE Lestat_m said...

i hope I could also visit disney land..:)

by the way, pick you as one of the emerging influential blog in 2007



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