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Vegetarian versus Vegan

These terms are actually almost the same according to wikipedia definition. The word vegan was derived from the word vegetarian to exclude dairy products from animals. The term Vegan was created in 1944 to restrict their society in eating vegetables only.

Vegan is purely vegetable but they take food supplement for the other minerals which they could not take from vegetables alone. There are many reasons for being vegan, some of them is animal rights and religion. They don't even use anything which are from animals.

Being Vegan can reduce a lot of diseases like colon cancer, heart attack, prostate cancer, stroke, high cholesterol and etc. Because of poor diet food preparation which results in lacked of calcium, iodine, vitamin B12 and D, they are encouraged to take food supplement. Vegetarian of course refer to eating vegetables but these people eat meat too but in moderate quantity.

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