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Today is very hot here in Middle East. You can cut it with a knife. Eating fruits like watermelon can quench your thirst. It is 92% water. The most in all fruits. Water Melon originated from Africa but now available through out the world with different varieties. We call it pakwan in the Philippines and very popular to all fruit lover.

Watermelon can be eaten as raw fruit or as shake or smoothies as a flavor with sugar and milk. A cup of melon will give you 48 calories which is very low. It has vitamin C and vitamin A too. It has potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. It has also antioxidant and lycopene.

In other country like China Watermelon is pickled,stir fried or stewed. Melon seeds can also be eaten as snack which is high in protein and fat.

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