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Women's Health

If you have a family as a basic unit in society, you expect to have a child or children. That is one of the reasons for getting married to have children who will heir your last name or your features in the future generations.

But not all is blessed with the capability to bear child. It could be you or your wife has a problem. Like what happened to my friend, he is married for 10 years but childless. He went to different doctors and even went to quack doctors but still they could not produce. He is now in Canada and sometimes the couple travel to California, USA because his wife has a sister working there as a nurse. I am sure my friend is not futile as he has a child out of wedlock.

Her sister-in-law told his wife that there is a clinic there that specialize fertility for women who could not nor have a hard time bearing a child. The clinic specializes in women problem and other health concern. Fertility at Thumos Health Center used a different approach in treating their clients. They will do counseling and it will take three to six months. They also into Chinese medicine like herbal and acupuncture.

Acupuncture is very effective in this area as it will make the women relax to be more fertile. Study shows that stress can cause infertility and frigid. The clinic will teach you about sperm counts and libido for the couple to be more fertile. Combining western and eastern medicine will surely bear good results.

Now my friend is happy with his two kids and live in Canada. He visits Philippines from time to time with his family.

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