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Do you need a Footage for your presentation?

In every sales a company made, 90% of the reason is how the company demonstrate its product. Presentation is the crucial part of the deal. You have to satisfy the customers eyes and ears to convince them that your product or project is feasible. Many presenters overlook the importance of having a good quality video like for example the angle and clarity of the sounds.

The royalty free stock footage is the site for different video own by individuals who want to sell their video using HD or high definition video.

If you are interest to get a footage just visit the site. If you have any video out there you are welcome to submit a video on the site and you can sell it. You got 50% of the money generated from sales.

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griffin said...

AlwaysHD is a good site as well. You can also buy it, starting in August, at Cutcaster, a site I am building at www.cutcaster.com. If you need help finding someone to help you create a presentation or if you are a freelancer looking to find new clients in need of your services than Cutcaster is a good spot for you.

Great job on your own blog. i really like it a lot and will come back again soon.

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