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Buying Gold Coin

My friends and I have something in common, we collecting coins or souvenirs like figurines and books. This coming September we will meet in the Philippines for our yearly gathering or shall we say vacation. I am obliged to go on vacation next month and other thing is I will be the godfather to one of his twin children.

Last year one of my friends asked me to buy any souvenir's item here in Middle East. He worked here for only two years and did not able to buy gold coins which depicts culture and history of Saudi Arabia. His also into visiting different part of the world and every time he with his wife visited a country, they would buy any items but prefer gold items like jewelries or coin.

Buying gold coin is a double investment. You will be happy collecting those beautiful design and at the same time it appreciate its value. He has a lot of USA and Canada coin collection. I plan to buy coins too instead of jewelries.

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