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Exercise is good to your heart

Right now I felt tired and somewhat have a chest pain. I know that this is a heart burn which is the result of too much drinking black coffee. I browsed about heart and I found a site where you could care your heart by exercise also. Being inactive is one of the causes of heart diseases. But you can do a preventive steps to counter act this problem by exercise.

There are lot of benefits in exercises like lowering your blood pressure, make your body lean and athletic, you feel relax and have a nice sleep. It can also remove extra fats from your body, make your heart healthy, endurance, and can boost your image and more.

If you have a heart problem, ask your doctor first on what exercise you are going to do. There are many exercise available like stretching, aerobics and strengthening exercise. Aerobics is good for your heart as it is called also as cardiovascular exercise. Exercise should be done every other day and it should take at least 30 minutes. If you have a heart problem please contact your doctor first.

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anna said...

In one study, carefully controlled training fasting triglyceride levels reduced by 16%. Exercise reduces levels of triglycerides in the blood of 32% after a meal containing fat.

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