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The Healing Power of Prayer

There are times when I lost hope and trust in God, our father almighty but I do believe that what I have right now is from him. Maybe I am too weak but one thing for sure he is there.

I have an experience which I will not forget as long as I live. This is not about disease but a sickness of soul. There were two times when I put him into the test. First, when I was in college, I lacked one grade from our subjects and my graduation will be on that day. Imagine, I have to take the examination in the morning then our graduation will be at noon. Who on earth will not panic especially if your parent and sister is there already waiting for your graduation? My teacher will not give me a passing mark but to retake the examination. The condition is to get it 100% or fail. Where on earth did you hear such condition that she will not accept 90% or 80% but 100% to pass her test? It could either be pass or fail.

That day I don’t bother to get a graduation attire or toga but wait to pass the test. In my mind I said it that if there is GOD I will pass the examination; if I will not pass then he does not exist but only to our mind and in the bible. The examination was difficult and though I familiarized it already, she reverses the procedure so you should be very good at it. I was very ashamed to my other teachers when they know that I was incomplete of one subject because I have good grades to other subjects and it irritates more to our teacher because she thought that I took for granted her subject which I have a hard time absorbing.

I got 100% of the examination and I joined the graduates that semester. It was indeed a celebration and I asked GOD for forgiveness many times for being weak.

I will not tell you my other experience as it is almost the same but in finding a job. One thing I never challenged GOD is about life. I do believe that he has the right to give it and to take it. When my parent passed away I never question him. In fact I thank him for giving them rest as they suffer from diseases. I know that they are in heaven right now.

He did not heal me physically but spiritually which is the most important in this world.

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