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How to control High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is the force of blood against the wall of our arteries. It is recorded in two numbers like 120/80 or "120 over 80". Normal blood pressure is under 120 over under 80.

High blood pressure is dangerous because it will leads to heart disease, kidney disease and stroke. The problem with this is unpredictable and it will occur to everyone regardless of sex, age, race and color. It will strike to anyone so we must prevent it because ones you have it, it will be a life time and you have to maintain pills or drugs to lower it.

High blood pressure is hereditary and mostly is the result of bad lifestyle eating habit. Eating the right food will decrease the chance of hypertension, like eating fruits and vegetables with less salts. Avoid foods with rich in fats like pork and other meat. Exercise daily will also health you lower your blood pressure. Quit smoking and if you drink beverages, do it moderately. If you are obese, try to lower your weight. Monitor your blood pressure, better to purchase your own blood pressure kit.

If you want to compare the prices of blood pressure monitors and other items search it in the net and compare the price to above links.

My last advice is to visit your doctor regularly for high blood pressure check-up.

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