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My friend's advice on furniture

I am very picky in choosing a furniture whether I have to purchase it for our home or for the office where I worked as a regular employee. I am in charge in purchasing home office furniture and other items like office computers, copying machine and etc. This responsibility needs some help to boost our office presentation to our clients and other business associates.

I am lucky because I still have contacts to my college friends who studied interior decorations and related field. They are now working in one of the best store chain in the Philippines an bedroom furniture have carved their name in this field. Actually they demand a high price for their service but it is free for me. I am lucky indeed. If you are a businessman or someone who would want to find a niche in business, interior decoration and landscape are the best, the asking price is very high especially if you have a name already.

They also recommended a nice bed for my room in the Philippines. I was very ashamed of their recommendation. I said that it is only for royal people to have it. Anyway I followed their advice because the bed is cheaper than looking at the local furniture store.

For a sectionals furniture, it is better to choose a black color as it can easily integrate to any color of your room.

Lastly make your furniture dining rooms
the best because it will reflect your personality on cleanliness. The visitors and friends will judge you in the kitchen and Comfort Room or bathroom so don't ignore it.

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