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One way to lose weight

This is not a long paragraph. I just want to add that losing weight is attainable by applying discipline to yourself. Set a final date for your program. Sitting around will not help you lose weight but you have to more around and try to analyze which foods are responsible of gaining weight. If you ate more carbohydrates then reduce it. Also try to monitor your sugar intake, it is also bad to a our health by consuming it too much.

If you gain a little, don't be panic and discourage, better you must challenge yourself and think of revising your program but don't overdo it. slow process is more effective than abrupt change of weight.

Relax, you are not alone. In USA alone, two in five individuals are considered as obese. It is the lifestyle that hinder us to have a normal weight. Stay calm and start losing weight slowly but permanently.

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Dave Patrick said...

Hey, I was about 45 pounds overweight, then I got type 2 diabetes, pretty much got my act together overnight, after that.....NO MORE SUGAR, seriously, this works like a charm. cut out sugar and high and medium glycemic foods. Im sure we've heard it a thosand times but the weight will fall off within months, even without additional exercise.
Just have patience.
All the best. Dave

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