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The Benefits of Product Branding

Many people dream of having a successful business like McDonalds, KFC, 7-11, Coca Cola, Pepsi and others. Business or product should be brand to make the customers remember it easily. Like for example in Pepsi you may hear “the choice of a new generation”. In McDonalds you may hear “tender licking good”. If the children will hear them they would automatically mean that it Pepsi soft drink or a chicken from McDonalds and etc., not only the children but the adults too. This will make you remember easily.

Branding will make your product run ahead of other product that does not have a trademark. There are many ways to brand your products like finding a good phrase that will make people remember always. It could be funny or serious. You may also make a
banner with unique logo and lettering, it also a branding. Hiring a model is also considered a branding like for example if you hire Madonna to endorse condom then every time we will see her, will remind us about condoms. So in short branding can be done through words in radio and TV commercials, Banner ads using lettering and logo and a model to endorse the product both radio, TV and banners.

Multi Billion Dollars Companies are branding their products and services and even their companies.

Branding Blog has a lot of sample about branding, the pros and cons of branding. It also features other kind of branding like band and artist branding. Singers if you notice have also what we call identity and it still consider as branding like for example Michael Jackson tend to shout, Madonna known for her video and concert artistry.

Here are some of the benefits of branding:

To the buyer:
• Help buyers identify the product that they like/dislike.
• Identify marketer
• Helps reduce the time needed for purchase.
• Helps buyers evaluate quality of products especially if unable to judge a products characteristics.
• Helps reduce buyer’s perceived risk of purchase.
• Buyer may derive a psychological reward from owning the brand, Rado or Ford.
To the seller:
• Differentiate product offering from competitors
• Helps segment market by creating tailored images, IE Contact lenses
• Brand identifies the companies products making repeat purchases easier for customers.
• Reduce price comparisons
• Brand helps firm introduce a new product that carries the name of one or more of its existing products...half as much as using a new brand, lower co. designs, advertising and promotional costs.
EXAMPLE, Gummy Savers
• Easier cooperation with intermediaries with well known brands
• Facilitates promotional efforts.
• Helps foster brand loyalty helping to stabilize market share.
• Firms may be able to charge a premium for the brand.

The important is you make your products and company known easily through branding. Without branding, your product will not be visible and it might be mistaken as fake.

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