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Virtual Phone Number

Do you have any idea about technical support or customer care service? Then don't expect that the agent answering you is only a mile away. They are in fact in the other side of the world. There is a technology in telephony that we call redirecting, wherein your call is forwarded to other telephone line to answer your inquiry.

If you have a business which you don't want the customers to know where your product is coming from then use International Call Forwarding, so when they call, they will use local number to call you and the telephone will forward it to your customer support anywhere in the world where you have your assistance. Like if your product is available in USA, your customer care services is maybe in the Philippines or India.

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Lestat said...

this is really true..
I happened to have a co-worker before who is a call center supervisor now. Their office is based in Baguio and they are the outsourcing and support for internet/lan and WAN of AT&T.. :)

they catered calls and customer support patch from other side of the world..


fitline said...

hm.. pretty true.

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