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6 Healthy Reasons To Eat Watermelon

Big or small, seedless or not, red or yellow, nothing says summer like a
big, juicy watermelon (or a seed-spitting contest off the deck). But
there is a lot more to this melon than water. Turns out it's packed with
phytonutrients, vitamins A, C, and a good hit of potassium, plus some B6
and thiamine -- everything except fat, sodium and calories. Cool.

Stay healthier: Watermelon has lots of lycopene, a key plant antioxidant
that is famous for fighting heart disease and prostate cancer. Tomatoes
usually considered the lycopene all-stars, but you have to cook them in a
little oil to release it. Watermelon not only needs no cooking to unleash
its lycopene but, cup for cup, it has 40 percent more than tomatoes.

healthy reasons to eat watermelon
Get your C: A big slice of watermelon (about two cups) fills almost half
your vitamin C quota.

Fight infection: Two cups of the juicy red melon also supply nearly a
quarter of your daily beta carotene, which your body uses to make vitamin
A. Running low on beta c can leave you vulnerable to viral infections and
vision trouble.

Heal faster: Watermelon (especially yellow-orange varieties) is one of
rare food sources of citrulline, an amino acid used in wound healing and
cell division. Slurp up the juice but bite down too: There's extra
citrulline in the white and green part that most people toss. Pickled

Sooth stress: Watermelon is a good source of potassium, which helps
control blood pressure -- making it the perfect snack for stressful

Quench cravings: There are only 96 calories in two fill-you-up cups of
sweet watermelon, and its high liquid content makes you feel full. So
your dessert course with a wedge and you're less likely to go overboard
Aunt Edith's brownies.

Leftovers? Make these the next day.

4 servings
3 cups diced watermelon
2 Tbs. lime juice
1 Tbs. sugar
1 cup crushed ice
1 cup water
Dash of black pepper or cayenne -- optional flavor twist for heat-lovers
Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor and blend into a
frosty slush.

Store uncut watermelons at room temperature. They continue to develop
nutrients after picking and refrigeration halts the process.

Watermelon can also be deadly as I recall because of a certain gas content. I forgot when not to eat it, but the best advise to eat them when it's freshly open'. I hesitate to buy and eat watermelon that's in the supermarket already cut as I don't know when it was opened.As I recall when you put cut watermelon in the fridge, the mineral contents diminish.Watermelon has been reported as very helpful in correcting abnormal kidney conditions. Apparently there is an ingredient in
the seeds, cucurbocitrin, which has the effect of dilating capillaries, the tiny blood vessels of the body. Consequently, the pressure upon the large blood vessels is reduced.

For medicinal purposes, watermelon seed tea is prepared by crushing two teaspoon of the dried seeds and steeping them in a cup of hot water for an hour. Stir and strain. Drink a cup of this tea four times a day.

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