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Busy to burn calories

I went to the hospital yesterday to ask for a pills or drugs that will regulate my blood pressure. The nurse measured my blood pressure and she said that it fine 110/80. I was relieved to know about it. We have a hypertension history so I am careful not to eat too much meat but lately I was eating too much beef and chicken so I think I will have to stop eating all those stuff to lose my weight.

I am going to the Philippines and you know it is very hard to avoid fatty foods especially pork but I am avoiding it. Right now I am overweight so I eat more on vegetables and fruits to lose my weight. I want to be fit and healthy so as much as possible no more beer and parties.

I will also avoid eating during the night as our body is not active and so the calories are not burn. I am sure I will loss some pounds because I will be very busy and no time to relax. This is not a vacation anyway. We plan to climb a mountain in our province and to finish my house. It will really burn lots of calories.

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