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Headaches comes in a different forms differentiated by their cause and specific symptoms. Headaches can also be a sign of an underlying health problem. Always seek and treat the cause of headache, not the symptom.

Long term over reliance on Aspirin, Biogesic, Tylenol and other over the counter pain killers can make chronic headaches, worse by interfering with the brain's natural
ability to fight headaches. If you are using over the counter pain killers like Excedrin, etc more than four times a week, talk to your doctor other ways to control the headache. If you get a headache every time you exercise, see your Doctor to rule out heart problems. A headache that begins with exercise and then subsides after rest can be cardiac headache. If you suffer headache while taking birth control pills.
ask your Dr. to switch to a low estrogen birth control pill.

Oral contraceptive pills can cause deficient of Vitamin B-6 that can result headache and migraines.If you experience a headache that doesn't subside but instead progressively worsen over the course of a week,consult your Doctor as it maybe a sign of underlying organ problems such as tumor.

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience a headache after a head injury, even a minor fall or bump. Chronic headache pain after coughing, exercise, straining,
or sudden movement also needs professional attention. Consult your Doctor if your headache accompany with blurred vision, confusion, slurred speech, fever, stiffness of neck, sensitivity to light, pressure behind the eyes, that is relieved by vomiting; a pounding heartbeat, visual color changes and feeling as though your head is going to explode.

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