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Kiwi Fruit is good for Hypertension

Kiwi fruit didn't become a fruit not until in the 20Th century. It was not until 1904 that it was recognized when a traveler went to Yangtze Valley in China and found inhabitants there loved this wild Chinese berry which they called "minhoutao" or monkey peach. As for others they described the taste to be a succulent blend of strawberry, banana, melon and pineapple all rolled into one. Have you tried Banana Cake Recipe?

Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi fruit is high in Vitamin C content and has a substantial amount of niacin and Vitamin E and low in calories. It has also a good amount of potassium that who suffer high, blood pressure and on medications can benefit this fruit. This is also good for a little more variety for those who wants fruit high in potassium.

There was one case that a person stopped taking his blood pressure medications and instead eat kiwi in the morning for breakfast, snack on them for lunch and nibble on them in the subway in the evening riding the subway home. He's on 4 medications,
but after 3 weeks on eating kiwi fruit, his blood pressure went back to

Kiwi is also good for common cold due to it;s high content of Vitamin C. Kiwi is a delicious aid for heart burns and indigestion as it has a wonderful enzymes that soothe the stomach. When you have such a heavy meal, try eating several kiwi fruits and it will help you relieve your bloated feeling, heartburn and acid indigestion.

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