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Let's take a closer look on Cholesterol


Cholesterol is considered to be a contributor to plaque building up in the arteries and impeded blood flow to the brain, kidneys, genitals, extremities, and heart. It is the primary cause of heart disease because cholesterol produces deposits in the arteries.

High cholesterol levels may also be implicated in gallstone, impotence (although it is often the drug prescribed that causes this) mental impairment, and high blood pressure. Cholesterol has also a positive tone as it is needed for proper brain and nerve function. Cholesterol is manufactured in the liver and transported to the while a vegetarian diet,regular exercise and the nutrients niacin and vitamin
C may lower cholesterol.

High cholesterol is directly related to conditions such as arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, circulatory problems, heart attack and hypertension.
Meat and dairy products are the primary sources of dietary cholesterol. Fruits and vegetables are free of cholesterol Many people use margarine or vegetable
shortening as a substitute for butter because they contain no cholesterol but
these products contain compounds called cis and trans fatty acids that become
oxidized when exposed to heat and can clog the arteries. In large amount coffee can elevate blood cholesterol, more than doubling the risk of heart disease.

The body needs some fats, but they must be the right kind. Pure virgin oil appears to help reduce serum cholesterol. Include in your diet foods that can lower cholesterol such as apples, bananas, carrots, cold-water fish, dried beans, garlic, and grapefruit. Drink fresh juices such as carrot celery and beet juices. Carrot juice helps flush out fat from the bile in the liver and that helps lower the cholesterol Make sure to take in plenty of fiber in the forms of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Water-soluble dietary fiber is very important in in reducing serum cholesterol
and they are found in barley, beans, brown rice and oats. Do not eat nuts except raw such as unsalted walnuts and almonds. Do not consumed alcohol, cakes,soda, candy, pies,processed or refined sugars and fast foods. Get moderate exercise and try to avoid stress and sustained tension. Learn to meditate and deep breathing exercise. Certain drugs can elevate cholesterol such as steroids, high dose contraceptives, lasix and other diuretics and Levedopa (L-dopa under the name of dopar, larodopa and sinemt) which is used to treat Parkinson disease.,

Furthermore, heating fat , especially frying foods in fat, produces toxic transfatty acids which same to behave much like saturated fats in clogging the arteries and raising blood cholesterol levels.

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