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Shark Cartilage and liver is good to you health

Shark cartilage has been shown to be helpful for certain types of cancer, including breast, cervix, prostate and pancreas as well as Kaposi sarcoma(very common among gay men with AIDS) Shark cartilage suppresses the development of new blood cells, depriving cancerous tumors of nourishment and often causing them to shrink or die. Squalamine , a substance found in shark tissue ( especially in the liver) has been studied in Georgetown University and the Cancer and Therapy Research Center for its effectiveness in slowing the growth of tumors.

When I was in Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago, along the beach a lot of vendors selling broiled shark meat and it tastes so good. They marinate it with lime plus their spices. With regards to shark liver, I prefer it the most. My father knows how to cook shark liver and it taste great as well.

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David Laurent-Pion said...

There is absolutely no validity to these claims whatsoever. More glaringly it promotes the killing of sharks, an animal already dangerously close to eradication. Open your eyes, research these claims, and stop encouraging something so selfishly and ignorantly destructive.

Anonymous said...

I know how to cook it; but don't know where I can buy shark liver.
Do I ask at my grocery store?


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