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Skin care that will help improve your complexion

As we grow older our bodies becomes less efficient in many ways. Our skin thins, our heart becomes a little weaker, our kidneys filter wastes differently and our hormone levels steadily decline. All of these small-and often invisible-changes slowly add up to large and highly visible changes in our skin texture and body physique.It; s not enough that we eat healthy foods for our skin but also we have to do the exact right thing for our daily routine skin care. I will tell you then the

Do and Don't for every skin type:

Dry Skin:- Don't:
Don't wash your face with harsh soap ever.Don't use grainy cleansing products or buffing pads. Don't' forget to apply SPF 15 sunscreen to your face, neck and chest every day.

What You Must Do Instead for DRY SKIN:
Use a mild soap-free liquid cleanser or super fatted cleansing bar to wash your face day and night. In the morning just flash your face with warm water.Select moisturizer formulated with glycerin, hyaluronic acid or dimethicone, which delay moisture loss, preventing further dryness. Apply moisturizer when your face and body are still damp so that you "lock in" the moisture. Use oi base foundations and cream or cream-powder- blushers- the oil they contain help soften the lines and wrinkles.

Don't over scrub your skin. Oil is your skin protective barrier. Clean your face more than twice a day-but you may cleanse once or more if you work out. Don't get addicted with astringent. Don't use moisturizer when you don't need it. Don't Keep slapping powder to mop up oil - your skin will look chalky.

What You Should Do Instead:
Do cleanse your face twice a day - in the morning and before you go to bed. Do use astringent no more than once a day. Better yet, don't use them at all. Use clinic O.C (available in the drug store) to soak up excess oil.Choose an oil-free or oil-in-water moisturizer if you feel you need a moisturizer. Use oil free or oil blotting foundation and powder and powder blusher to stop oily shine and head off breakouts.Use an oil free sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 every day.

Don't use different cleanser or moisturizer for different parts of your face-it;s a waste of time and money. Don't forget to use sunscreen of SPF 15 daily. Use formulated product without oil, if you like..

Do choose cleanser formulated for combination skin, they're gentle on dry areas, such as the cheeks, and tougher on oily cheeks,nose and chin. Apply moisturizer only to where you need it, but slathering to your T=zone may only lead to breakouts.use
only water based or oil free foundation. My next posting will be what to look out for ingredients in your facial cream that could cure or prevent wrinkles. I have to do more research yet but it will be coming soon.

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