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Want to quit smoking but can't

Smoking is really a bad habit that is hard to break once it has been acquired. It's the nicotine that makes someone gets addicted to smoking cigarettes. Some authorities have stated that addiction to tobacco maybe harder to overcome than cocaine and heroin because smoking creates both physical and psychological dependency.

Once you become addicted your body depends on the presence of nicotine and if you refrain from smoking you develop withdrawal symptoms such as anger, anxiety, restlessness, frustration, irritability, difficulty concentrating, increased appetite, headache, stomach cramps, a slowed heart rate, a rise in blood press sure and most of all you have an intense craving to have more nicotine.

But on the other hand you also would think that nicotine has been long known as a deadly toxin. Nicotine makes the heart pump faster and work harder, increasing the likelihood of heart disease. It also constrict the the peripheral blood vessels causing Raynaud's disease- a circulatory disorder and hardening of the arteries. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which promotes the development of cholesterol deposits on the artery walls. There are ways now how to quit smoking.

For the time being as you are still capitulating on what to do there are a lot of things to consider: Many people have been successful in the quest to' stop smoking by going on a fast using only live juices and quality steam-distilled water. A live juice can quickly remove nicotine and other damaging chemicals from the body. 5 days will give amazing results. A lack of beta carotene and B complex vitamins
has been linked to lung and throat cancer.

Research at the Indiana University found that if you drink six cups of tea a day will protect you from the toxic effects of cigarette smoke has on the lungs up to 50%. According to the studies found in the Archives of Internal Medicine, smoking increases the risk of developing leukemia by 30%. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or more triple the risk of needing a surgery for herniated disk, but quitting smoking reduces that risk.

Drink fresh carrot juice as a preventive measure against lung cancer. Also include fresh beet juice made from the roots and the greens and also fresh apple juice. Drink fresh fruit juices in the morning and vegetable juices in the afternoon. Eat onions an garlic or take garlic supplements.

Keep in mind that the acute craving for a cigarette lasts only three to five miutes. Focusing on this fact make it easier to wait it out. As time goes by it would be easier and easier for you so just remember that.

When craving strikes, take a walk or take a bite of carrots or a section of oranges to munch on or do some sit ups or perhaps dancing or any activity that can momentarily take your mind off cigarettes or call a friend and keep busy chatting. Find the right approach you feel comfortable if you are ready to quit. First, you should realize the hazards of smoking and the consequences that's going to happen to your loved ones, your wife or your husband, your children or your parents in case you die and your physical discomfort before you die, If you want to quit there's available now either on trans dermal patch, chewing gum, nasal inhalers and nasal sprays.

Some of these are available over the counter and some require a prescription. Zyban is an antidepressant that acts on the brain in the same manner as nicotine.(nicotine acts as stimulant on the central nervous system that creates
a pleasurable sensation) which is one of the factors that makes tobacco so addictive. Zyban can help some people to stop smoking.

If you are concerned of gaining weight after you quit, zyban may help limit the amount of weight gain you put on. Over the long term, smoking dramatically reduces flow of blood to the brain. Men who have smoked for years are more likely to have abnormally low penile blood pressure which contributes to impotence.Because smoking damages the blood vessels, including tiny blood vessels that supply the penis.

Female smokers tend to experience menopause early, face a greater risk of osteoporosis and have much higher risk of cervical or uterine cancer. Children whose father smoke also face an increase in health hazard such as brain cancer and leukemia.

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